Our gently made formula

Our gently processed formula

At DGC heat treatment is kept at a minimum. Our formula is made from fresh whole goat milk. We use lower temperatures to safeguard the natural nutrients and proteins of whole goat milk. We avoid introducing unnecessary and extra heat steps to keep our formula at its most natural state.2

Protecting the quality of nutrients and proteins

Thermal processing can alter the quality of nutrients, are more likely to damage proteins and cause protein glycation leading to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are compounds that make proteins harder to digest.3,4 Nε-carboxymethyllysine (CML) is formed between reducing sugars and the essential amino acid lysine and is use as a marker of AGEs formation.1 When bound to sugars as a result of heat treatment, the amino acid lysine becomes blocked and cannot to be absorbed in the intestine. AGE formation limits the digestion of proteins, which can cause gas and discomfort.3

Our whole goat milk infant formula has lower levels of CML than infant formula made from processed dairy ingredients. Our formula is made gently using lower temperatures and fewer heating steps to keep AGE levels very low and comparable to levels in breast milk, to make the proteins in our formula more digestible and the lysine more bioavailable, and to prevent gut discomfort.1

Benefits of fewer heat steps
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Our gently made formula

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