For families

Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC) is of the land. We are a co-operative of goat farmers who live and breathe by the rhythms of nature. From sun up to sundown, in all kinds of weather, we devote our days to caring for our goats – cutting and serving fresh forage for their breakfast, lunch and dinner, milking at day’s break and day’s end, checking the bedding, and generally keeping a watchful eye over the welfare of all, from the littlies to the biggies.

We care for them the same as we care for our family. DGC is a family on every level, and we work together with a single focus on making a better infant formula for the world. Whether it is at 5.30 am milking seven days a week, in our labs developing world-class research, or packing our cans safely.

We are proud to be farming a natural food and managing its production all the way to market. And that’s why we feel good about putting our name on it, knowing it is going on to feed and nurture families just like ours.

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