Infant formula from whole goat milk

Generally, whey proteins are added to cow, goat, and sheep milk-based infant formula to mimic the 60:40 whey:casein ratio of human breast milk. Whey proteins are added to infant formula to improve the protein quality and amino acid profile.2

Our formula is made from whole goat milk, preserves the natural 20:80 whey:casein ratio and does not require the addition of whey due to the protein quality and amino acid profile delivered by goat milk proteins. It only requires minimal addition of a few essential and semi-essential amino acids to meet the needs of infants.1 Our whole goat milk formula has been shown to have sufficient availability of essential amino acids.2 The digestion and absorption of amino acids in whole goat milk formula are similar to that of whey-adjusted cow infant formula.3,4 Infants fed whole goat milk and whey-adjusted cow infant formula had no significant differences in plasma amino acid concentrations.2

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