Safeguarding nature

Pasture fed

Our farmers know how important a high-quality diet is to goats. Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC) goats thrive on locally grown, on-farm forages such as grasses, clover, lucerne, hay, silage, or pasture plants. When required, our farmer’s source feed from other trusted farms.

DGC milking goats also receive supplementary feeds, which are high in protein and energy. One of DGC’s policies is that farmers use only New Zealand or Australian-sourced supplementary feeds that are fit to produce high-quality and safe goat infant formula.


Farming system

From housed through to on-pasture, DGC farmers have various farming systems. The predominant system is to house goats in open-sided, free-stall barns and feed them on forages brought directly to them. As a result, they enjoy natural lighting and fresh air and can move freely through the shelter or barn. Another popular system is on-pasture grazing, where the goats are taken to their feed.


Animal welfare

New Zealand has a strict Code of Welfare for Goats. It specifies optimal animal welfare and how to achieve this for goats farmed under New Zealand conditions. DGC farms must all follow the New Zealand Code of Welfare for Goats and DGC’s own Code of Farm Practice.


DGC Code of Farm Practice

The DGC Code of Farm Practice has some expectations over and above the minimum requirements expected by the New Zealand government. Our code sets world-class benchmarks for milk harvesting, animal welfare, environmental issues, farm dairy presentation and milk quality consistent with infant formula products. It encourages best farming practices for producing goat milk that is fit for making high-quality and safe infant formula.

Written by an external auditing company with input from farming experts, DGC staff and dairy goat farmers, the DGC Code of Farm Practice also captures practical knowledge and experience with milking goats.

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