As a co-operative, we believe in family working together for a long-term sustainable business to pass on to our children and their grandchildren. This collaborative effort produces a world-leading infant formula for families like ours worldwide.


We are a co-operative owned by the farmers who supply our goat milk. Co-operative is also a word we use to describe our business style, which is built around sustainable and long-term relationships with our partners.

World leadership

From early success, our export markets have continued to grow, and DGC’s formula products are now well-established in around 30 countries around the globe.

Safeguarding nature

Our farmers know how important a high-quality diet is to goats. DGC goats thrive on locally grown, on-farm forages such as grasses, clover, lucerne, hay, silage, or pasture plants.

For families

DGC is of the land. We are a co-operative of goat farmers who live and breathe by the rhythms of nature. From sun up to sundown, we are caring for our goats in all kinds of weather.

There are over 200 people working at DGC, meet a few below

Andrew Chadwick

Can Manufacturing Team Leader

Colin Prosser

Chief Scientific Officer

Liz Carpenter

Principal Scientist

Caroline Keast

Market Access Manager

Jessica Bromell

Quality Co-ordinator

Willy Goodman

Training, Documentation, Plant Projects and Process Development

Dianne Lowry

Regulatory and Technical Liaison Manager

Lene Nielsen

Product Development Manager

Roger Cook

Leading Hand – Finished Goods

Elaine Young

Quality Compliance Officer

Sam Pachal

Quality Coordinator – Compliance

Helen Davies

Export Documentation Coordinator

Neil Levet

Production Coordinator - Spray Drying

Meet our leadership team here


Formed in 1984, we have grown to now distribute to over 30 countries around the globe. We have enjoyed many challenges and milestones along the way.

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Dairy Goat Co-operative (N.Z.) Ltd. established from the amalgamation of small goat milk co-operatives around New Zealand.

Goat milk infant formula invented and commercialised; export markets established.

Introduction of Goat milk Infant Formula to Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.

Nannycare brand launched in the UK.

Bambinchen brand launched in Germany.

Orient EuroPharma Joint Venture established.

  Nanny brand launched in Russia.

First clinical trial on goat milk formula undertaken in Auckland, New Zealand (first ever clinical study to demonstrate healthy weight gain of infants fed goat formula). Karihome brand launched in Singapore.

New partnership established with Ildong Foodis (Korea). New Partnership established with Pacific Healthcare (PHC) Thailand.

Built own spray-drying plant, designed specifically for processing goat milk formula, at Gallagher Drive, Hamilton. Golden Goat (Ildong Foodis brand) launched in Korea. Karihome brand launched in Malaysia. Nanny brand launched in Ukraine.

Head office built at Gallagher Drive. DG brand launched in Thailand. Karihome brand launched in Hong Kong.

Dry Blending plant built at Gallagher Drive site.

Canning plant built at Gallagher Drive site, giving DGC integrated manufacturing facilities. Karihome brand launched in China. DG brand launched in Philippines. Golden Goat brand launched in Turkey.

Completion of 2nd clinical trial on goat milk formula (Adelaide, Australia); DGC is the first company to ever complete clinical trials for goat formula.

European Food Safety Authority approval published (European Food Safety Authority published a positive scientific opinion of goat milk as a suitable protein source for infant formula. DGC achieved change to EC Directive to include goat milk formula for European markets).

Can making plant built at DGC Gallagher Drive.

The second spray drying plant (officially opened by Prime Minister John Key in Sep 2014) and additional warehousing was built at Gallagher Drive.

Capricare brand established. Capricare launched in France. Capricare launched in Spain.

Capricare launched in Greece. Capricare launched in Poland.

DGC exhibited at ESPGHAN congress. Capricare launched in Italy. DGC filled 100 million cans. DG brand launched in Vietnam FSSC22000 certified.

Capricare launches in Portugal.

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