Research articles on goat milk

Composition of goat milk

1. Composition of the non-protein nitrogen fraction of goat whole milk powder and goat milk-based infant and follow-on formula (2008) International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
2. Amino acid composition determined using multiple hydrolysis times for three goat milk formulations (2008) International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
3. Quantification of lactoferrin in milk from New Zealand dairy goats (2008) Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production
4. Composition and distribution of fatty acids in triglycerides from goat infant formulas with milk fat (2010) Journal of Dairy Science
5. Major proteins of the goat milk fat globule membrane (2010) Journal of Dairy Science
6. Determination of total potentially available nucleosides in bovine, caprine and ovine milk (2012) International Dairy Journal
7. Proteomic analysis of cow, yak, buffalo, goat and camel milk whey proteins: quantitative differential expression patterns (2013) Journal of Proteome Research
8. Detection of casein phosphopeptides in goat milk (2013) Journal of Proteome Research
9. Comparison of milk oligosaccharides between goats with and without the genetic ability to synthesize alphas1-casein (2013) Small Ruminant Research 

Evaluation of goat formulas

1. True ileal amino acid digestibility of goat and cow milk infant formulas (2006) Journal of Dairy Science
10. Mineral retention in three-week-old piglets fed goat and cow milk infant formulas (2006) Journal of Dairy Science
2. Randomised, double-blind comparison of growth in infants receiving goat milk formula versus cow milk infant formula (2005) Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
3. The efficacy of special products based on goat's milk for infant nutrition, Guidelines for doctors (2006) Government of Saint Petersburg Public Health Committee
4. The effect of goat milk formula on weight gain and wellness of Thai infants with poor weight gain (2008) World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
5. Association of infant feeding practices in the general population with infant growth and stool characteristics (2011) Nutrition Research and Practice
6. Scientific Opinion on the suitability of goat milk protein as a source of protein in infant formulae and in follow-on formulae (2012) EFSA Journal
7. Comparison of the compositions of the stool microbiotas of infants fed goat milk formula, cow milk-based formula, or breast milk (2013) Applied and Experimental Microbiology
8. Nutritional adequacy of goat milk infant formulas for term infans: a double blinded randomised controlled trial (2014) British Journal of Nutrition

Goat milk formula and milk allergy

1. Formula Nanny in diet therapy of atopic dermatitis in infants (2003) Voprosy Detskoi Dermatolgii
2. Using a fortified formula based on goat's milk in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in young children (2004) Voprosy Detskoi Dermatolgii

Other functions

1. Reduction in heat-induced gastrointestinal hyperpermeability in rats by bovine colostrum and goat milk powders (2004) Journal of Applied Physiology
2. Impact of goat milk powdered formulations on mineral absorption, peak bone mass and bone loss due to ovariectomy in rats (2008) Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
3. The effect of formulated goats' milk on calcium bioavailability in male growing rats (2010) Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Goat milk in human nutrition

1. Comparative digestibility of goat's versus cow's milk fats in children with digestive malnutrition (1993) Lait
2. Goat's milk as a substitute for cow's milk in undernourished children: A randomised double-blind clinical trial (1994) Pediatrics
3. Goat milk in human nutrition (2004) Small Ruminant Research
4. Factors affecting growth factor activity in goat milk (2006) Journal of Dairy Science
5. Calcium-enriched goats' milk aids recovery of iron status better than calcium-enriched cows' milk, in rats with nutritional ferropenic anaemia (2008) Journal of Dairy Research
6. Composition of goat milk and cow milk produced under similar conditions and analysed by identical methodology (2009) Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
7. Nucleotides and nucleosides in ovine and caprine milk during lactation (2010) Journal of Dairy Science
8. Recent advances in exploiting goat's milk: Quality, safety and production aspects (2010) Small Ruminant Research


1. In vitro digestion of bovine and caprine milk by human gastric and duodenal enzymes (2006) International Dairy Journal

Animal studies of goat milk and allergy

1. Goats' milk of defective as1-casein genotype decreases intestinal and systematic sensitisation to b-lactoglobulin in guinea pigs (2001) Journal of Dairy Research
2. Goat milk is less immunogenic than cow milk in a murine model of atopy (2004) Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
3. Evaluation of the allergenicity of goat milk, cow milk and their lactosera in a guinea pig model (2009) Journal of Dairy Science
4. Allergic responses induced by goat milk alphas1-casein in a murine model of gastrointestinal atopy (2011) Journal of Dairy Science
5. Goat milk allergenicity as a function of alphaS1-casein genetic polymorphism (2011). Journal of Dairy Science
6. Differences in protein fraction from goat and cow milk and their role on cytokine production in children with cow's milk protein allergy (2012) Small Ruminant Research
7. Allergic responses induced by goat milk alphas1 casein in a murine model of gastrointestinal atopy (2012) Journal of Dairy Science


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