Quality Assurance

DGC is committed to ensuring that all its goat milk formulas meet and exceed quality standards for New Zealand and the countries where the brands are marketed.

Risk Management Programme (RMP)

DGC operates a documented RMP based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) hazards and control measures. DGC’s RMP outlines safe practices that must be employed during collection of milk on farm through to product manufacture and packaging. DGC’s risk management programme is approved by New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries and regular audits are undertaken by a recognised independent agency.

Quality Control Monitoring and Testing

To ensure that consumers receive the safest, highest quality products, DGC completes significant ingredient and final product testing. The testing is completed either externally or internally, depending on the end-product testing specification. Tests can be carried out for physical, sensory, microbial and compositional parameters.

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