Integrated facilities

DGC has integrated production facilities on its site based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Whole goat milk is delivered to the site, and checked for quality before it is processed.

DGC’s Spray Drying plant has been designed specifically to process goat infant formula. DGC’s Can making facilities provide highest quality nutritional formula cans.

These integrated facilities allow DGC to control and monitor the process from delivery of raw ingredients to completed branded packaged product. This integration provides consumers around the world with the highest quality products they can trust with confidence.

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How we make

DGC has simplified the process of making formula to capture and utilise the natural richness of whole goat milk. The difference between goat infant formula and formulae made from other sources of milk is the number of processing steps used. The number of processing steps has been minimised and is conducted at the one single manufacturing site in New Zealand. The process from milking the goats to production of the powder typically takes place within three days.

In contrast, other formulae are typically made from protein fractions, and not whole milk. Production of these fractions requires additional processing steps. Some milk fractions, like the milk fat, are discarded and the extra processing for the protein fractions often results in loss of compounds. This results in the need for the replacement of these compounds from synthetic sources. Additionally, these fractions are often produced at different manufacturing sites and in different countries, meaning the ingredients may be stored for several months before manufacture of the formula.

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