While the big multinational formula companies have been focused on cow milk based formula, DGC has carved out a niche for formula based on a different protein source – goat milk.

DGC’s innovation has gone beyond the idea of a different protein source:

  • The DGC product development team is continually updating the formulations to keep pace with international regulations and nutritional trends, guided by a European-based independent Scientific Advisory Board
  • DGC’s manufacturing facilities have been developed and built for the purpose of manufacturing goat milk based nutritional powders
  • DGC has an ongoing programme of world-first research in goat milk nutrition
  • DGC is the only company in the world to complete double-blind clinical studies on the safety and efficacy of goat milk infant formula (two clinical trials have been completed)
  • DGC is the company which made representations and submissions to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to enable goat milk to be recognised in Europe as an approved protein source for infant formula

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