Dairy Goat Co-operative was formed in 1984 from an amalgamation of divergent goat milk co-operatives around New Zealand. After difficult early times the company has grown and flourished, largely as a result of the development and commercialisation of the goat milk based formula products in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Following success in markets such as New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan, DGC’s export markets have continued to diversify and the formula products are now well established in around 20 countries.

From 2003, DGC invested in its own manufacturing facilities - spray drying, dry blending and canning. These three plants are all on the same Hamilton site alongside the company’s head office. In 2014, the company’s turnover exceeded NZ$150m for the first time.

DGC’s governance structure, as a co-operative, consists of a Board with 7 directors, of whom five are elected from the shareholding suppliers and two are independent directors. The 69 supplying shareholders who supply milk to the co-operative, are the owners of the company.

Key events

1984       Dairy Goat Co-operative established
1988       Goat milk infant formula invented and commercialized; export markets established
2001       First clinical trial on goat milk formula undertaken in Auckland
2003       Spray drying plant built at Gallagher Drive, Hamilton premises
2004       Head office built at Gallagher Drive
2005       Company turnover exceeded NZ$50m
2006       Dry Blending plant built at Gallagher Drive site
2008       Canning plant built at Gallagher Drive site
2010       Completion of 2nd clinical trial (Adelaide, Australia)
2012       European Food Safety Authority approval published
               Company turnover exceeded NZ$100m
2013       Can making plant built at DGC Gallagher Drive site
2014       Company turnover exceeds NZ$150m
               DGC No2 milk spray drying plant built, and officially opened by Prime Minister John Key in Sep 2014

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